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Dairy Plants

Leading dairy consultants in India for startup and big clients.

Dairy Farm

Get complete solutions for dairy farming projects India under budget.

Dairy Equipments

We source all the equipment you require to run dairy plants.

What We Offer

Dairy Plant Setup Consultancy

Dairy Farm Setup Consultancy

Dairy Equipments Providers

What We Do

Project Management

First of all, we understand your needs and requirements, thereby plot a detailed plan for your dream project. We began with solid plan to deliver quality management of factory design, building process, installation and commissioning under supervision of strict supervisors who are concerned even about minute details- after all it is about health of the people and reputation of your company.

Being the best dairy technology consultant Delhi, we strive to help every client achieve their dairy goals with our full-fledged planning and management. We are continuously trying to provide you high quality service at the lowest price possible. Our team is fully equipped with outstanding knowledge and skills along with an eager to make your dream come true.

Sourcing of Dairy Equipment/Machineries

We understand the value of machineries at production site, however getting it there at the right time and at right price could be a daunting task. Eashan dairy industry consultants India, New Delhi is here to help you sourcing all the machineries/equipment so that you can process the process effectively

We have very warm relations with suppliers and manufacturers of both new and used equipment. By discussing the requirements, processes, and budget with you- we will source the perfect equipment or machineries. For instance :-

Refrigeration plant
Pasteurizers Powder Plant

Complete Advisory Services

Eashan dairy consultants India offer complete advisory services alongside consultancy for following processes

Raw Milk Reception Section
Milk Processing Section
Milk Packing Section
Product Section : Cream, Butter, Ghee, Paneer, Icecream, Shrikhand/Amrakhand, Khava, Pedha, Basundi, Dahi, Lassi,
Condensed Milk Plant
Powder Plant
Refrigeration Section
Boiler Designing
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

About Us

Our Vision

To rise as one of the noticeable Indian Dairy Consultant for the preparing dairy industry known for its top notch standards and responsibility to conveyance in India and creating world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer services to clients in the dairy industry as well as start-up looking at delivering and exploring their passion in dairy business.

Our Quality Policy

We are resolved to accomplish Client Satisfaction by giving best administrations that addresses customer issues. We have confidence in giving Quality Assurance to every customer in view of concurred particulars.

Our Team

With over 45 years of rich experience in leading business operations with clear focus on top/bottom line profitability whilst ensuring optimal utilization of the resources in Dairy Industry, Mr. P.N. Wali acts as the CEO of the company- Eashan Dairy Consultants.

Our Clients

We have been worked with a huge number of Domestic and International Clients .